The Reason Trudeau Withdrew Emergency Act

Senator Denise Batters
Eviscerates Trudeaus Emergency Act

The Canadian Senate is where a sober second look is given to legislation by seasoned politicians. While the Emergency Act was to be ratified by both the House and Senate in order to be a legitimate act of the Prime Minister it was withdrawn before that could happen.

Had the Senate gone to the vote on this matter and rejected the order the Prime Minister would have egg all over his face and some serious explaining to do.

This is what a sincere politician should sound like, one who actually believes she is there to serve the people of Canada. She personally observed the rally from her office daily and said she observed none of the things being reported in the media. In fact she said she had never felt safer walking home from her office as she did during the rally.

It would be hoped that the people we have elected to look out for our interests will not let this government away with this egregious overreach. Using the Emergency Act to deal with offenses that could easily have been handled under the Canadian Criminal Code.

This can't end here, Trudeau and his party need to be held accountable and if in fact they have broken Canadian law should be subject to the full force of the law.

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