B.C. Hospitalizations Facts Don't Support Narrative

Figures Don't Lie
Liars Don't Figure

We are constantly being be told how the hospitals are overwhelmed because ot the current sars cov2 'crisis'. In fact if you believe all the reports on the six o'clock news on either CTV. CHEK or GLOBAL you would think that hospitals being overrun is some new event with the 'pandemic' being responsible.

Well, as my pappy used to say liars don't figure and figures don't lie, so lets take a look at the figures.

The following is directly from the Government of BC obtained through a FOI (freedom of information) report. These are official government numbers. They clearly show that all the current hype and hysteria is meant to engender fear and anxiety for reasons only time will tell.

In 2018/2019 459,088 Hospitalizations pre-covid

In 2020/2021 431,822 Hospitalizations with covid