Professional Bike Racer Suffers Pericarditis After Vaccine

Kyle Warner professional mountain bike racer and three time North American Enduro Champion suffers debilitating heart condition after covid injection.

Professional mountain bike racer, Kyle Warner got the injection last May in order to travel with his girlfriend to make their mountain biking videos for their you tube channel.
After the first injection he only suffered a sore arm for a few days, but after the second injection his life has changed completely.
This once physically fit racer isn't able to scramble a couple of eggs without having difficulty.
Kyle wears a fit watch monitor and is very aware of his body and what his normal heart rate should be. His normal rate was 50-60 beats which spiked to 150 beats and didn't come down.
On his first hospital visit he was dismissed as having an anxiety attack and sent home. Wisely a few days later he went to another clinic and that doctor referred him to a heart doctor who said he was lucky to start doing something before he had suffered permanent damage. As it is there is no prospect for recovery for up to two years.
If you listen to what he says he has heard from a great many people who have suffered similar problems after taking the injection.
Kyle's story is one everyone should be aware of who is considering being bullied into taking this experimental injection.