CANADA Is A Fallen Nation

 In 2022 nothing has changed in CANADA

Except we are closer to full oppression

Remembrance Day 2022

“To you from failing hands we throw

The torch be yours to hold it high

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders field”

In WWI 66,655 Canadian lives were lost and another 172,950 were wounded.

In WWII 42.042 Canadian lives were lost and another 54.414 were wounded.

These brave lives were lost for freedom from tyrannical forces wishing to enslave mankind.

This year 2022, Canada has decided to no longer resist the forces of tyranny that seek to enslave mankind once again. We are throwing up our hands and welcoming our oppressors as we cower in fear.

In WWII the enemy was very visible and his tactics obvious. In 2022 the enemy is neither visible nor his tactics obvious.

Instead of subduing nations with military force and might, the enemy has employed a most subtle and diabolical weapon of warfare.

The weapon the enemy of our soul is using is FEAR, the same weapon with which he has held captive men for centuries. It is the fear of death that keeps man captive and that is the same weapon being currently employed in Canada today.

Inflated numbers, suppression of truth and constant propaganda are being used to make a nation so fearful of dying, it is welcoming  it’s oppressor with open arms. That oppressor is not coming with guns and tanks from afar, it is coming from within our own country. It is coming from the very seats of power that should be serving and protecting the people.

The global elites wishing to enslave all of mankind are proceeding with their undeclared war on humanity and most of humanity is cowering in fear.

The only remedy to escape from this fear is contained within our National Anthem "God Keep Our Land". That is the ONLY hope for each of us individually and the only hope for the Dominion of CANADA. We need to repent and turn our faces once again to GOD and cry out to Him to heal our land. He was revealed in this nation through the Lord Jesus Christ Whom we have thrown out and embraced all manner of gods.

This Remembrance Day give remembrance to the thousands of Canadians who have given their lives so we could live in Freedom. A Freedom we have so casually and cowardly thrown away, to our hurt. A freedom that was expressed in a national convoy that was crushed by a form of government we never thought we were electing.

CANADIANS have broken faith with those who died