We Are All In This Together??


What Financial Burden Are They Sharing??

Once again the all powerful, unelected Dr. Henry has dealt another blow to the already reeling hospitality and fitness businesses with her 3 week shutdown, just before the long weekend.

The good doctor needs to demonstrate the science she is employing to determine these measures which have been going on for more than one year now.

On the matter of new 'cases' that Dr. Henry claims support these draconian measures of the 'cases' how many are truly symptomatic cases of COVID 19 and how many are test results that have detected some parts of a coronavirus? 

Dr. Henry, Premier Horgan, Adrian Dix
Need To Survive For The Next Three Weeks
Without Any Money, No Credit Cards, No Cash
Then We Might All Be In This Together


  1. They will BOTH, along with ALL others who are in cahoots< wind up being prosecuted. There will be a SECOND Nuremburg Trial.


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