Calgary Pastor Warns Of Coming Loss Of Freedoms

Pastor who feeds the homeless in Calgary has been warning of the coming loss of freedoms in Canada for years. Once called a crackpot, his warnings are now coming true. Churches are being closed under the guise of protecting people's health without any proof that a church service is the source of anymore spread than the local Costco. 

In Sask. a church is behind three security fences and the RCMP are on hand to see that people do not assemble to worship their God. This church is now meeting at an undisclosed location, the same as they have to do in China.

In BC Bonnie Henry is doing the same thing. It is noteworthy that closing down churches is something needed for the socialist coup to be a success. It seems Canadians are still blindly walking to the cliff and the 'church' is marching right along with them.