Vancouver Island Covid By The Numbers

Does the Data support the measures??

The above graphics are taken from the BC Government official Covid website.

From these numbers on Vancouver Island they have tested 161,182 people which resulted in 1001 cases (.62%) with 12 deaths resulting which means those infected had a 98.81% survival rate.

These stats really raise the question of whether the risk of the virus causing the average person a problem is even close to the damage being done by the covid measures being employed.

If you don't just rely on the local media for your information you can see that these steps are being employed not only coast to coast in Canada but globally as well. This raises the question as to whether or not the health officer in Victoria and our Premier are really making decisions based on local conditions, or if they aren't just following a narrative coming from either the WHO??

Of the 12 deaths on the Island there is no data indicating how many of these deaths were people in care, what their ages were or whether they had underlying health issues? Remember the average life expectancy in BC is 81 years of age. The point being, how many of these deaths were likely going to happen with or without the covid virus?

There is no science supporting the mandate of masking stopping the transmission of the SARS CoV 2 virus. The virus is 1/200th the size of the particles you smell in cigarette smoke. Put on your mask and stand near someone smoking, if the mask is effective, you won't smell the smoke. Case closed. So why all these draconian measures?

Ask Adrian Dix why he can't keep people in long term care safe, which is where most of the deaths are coming from. What treatment is being employed at the first sign of a person in care having covid? 

Why Is Everyone Being So Filled With Fear?
The data simply does not support the measures.