Experimental Vaccine Threat To National Security

Experimental Vaccine Has Many Unknown Risks

Listen with an open mind, and your common sense cranked to high. Dr. Simone Gold one of the founders of America's Front Line Doctors goes through the numbers of survival rates for the Wuhan virus which calls into question why anyone would consider a vaccine with so many unknowns.

There has never been a successful vaccine for coronavirus. When they were trying to develop one for SARS CoV 1, the ferrets used to test the vaccine, were fine after the vaccine, but they died when exposed to the actual virus 'in the wild'. It is unknown if the same potential exists with this experimental vaccine as it has been rushed through and no data is available on the animal test trials.

There has NEVER been a vaccine using mRNA (messenger rna) ......... ever! Do you want to participate in this experiment? There were NO elderly people used in the trials. Canada health is advising no one under 16 years of age should have the vaccine. Dr. Gold's group prohibits anyone under 20 years of age from taking the vaccine and ANY woman of child bearing age. 

The Front Line Doctors have come up with recommendations for different age groups considering the vaccine, noting the high survival rate makes the risks of this experimental vaccine a poor choice.

The idea of vaccinating all your front line workers, doctors, nurses, ambulance personnel, police and the military with a vaccine that could potentially have a high mortality rate when exposed to the virus 'in the wild' poses a real threat to national security.