Vancouver Island Covid Data

The above info comes directly from the BC Government website showing data for Vancouver Island from Jan. to Nov. 27 2020,

In that time there have been 125,752 tests performed which resulted in 571 cases which means 0.45% of those tested were positive. There has also been less than one death per month reported during this time.

This data really begs the question if the society crushing response coming from Dr. Henry's heavy handed response can be justified.

Why were 125,752 tests done? What kind of symptoms did someone have to present with in order to be tested? Did a runny nose or sore throat justify these questionable, and expensive tests being done?

It is noted that the PCR test being relied on is known to produce extremely high false positive results and that this test was never meant as a diagnostic tool.

Consider the economic and emotional damage that has been caused by the 'covid measures' and perhaps it is time to listen to some opinions other than what Dr. Henry is offering.

This sickness has been treated with near perfect success rate using HCQ as prescribed in the Zelensky protocol. Why is that not being used??