Canada To Compensate Anyone Injured By Vaccine

People who are vaccinated to protect themselves against COVID-19 and experience an adverse event after the immunization will be eligible for compensation, the federal government says.

The announcement of the no-fault program is part of Canada's preparations to roll out coronavirus vaccines, beginning with the Pfizer-BioNtech version that will start to be administered next week.

Comment: Why are the Canadian taxpayers going to be on the hook to pay for vaccine injury to anyone who suffers an 'event' after taking this vaccine? Why are the manufacturers of the vaccine, who have tested their vaccine before releasing it to the public not the ones responsible for adverse side effects?

Anyone considering taking this vaccine, which has been hurried and given emergency use approval by the FDA needs to know exactly what all the potential side effects from this vaccine could be. They should also find out how many people have actually taken the vaccine and how long they have been observed.

Any serious side effect may not be known for years, which is why vaccine approval usually takes a number of years and not months, as in this case.

You should also research what the side effects could be of being injected with MRNA which is similar to GMO in food.