B.C. Health Officer Reveals Stats

 Only 2 deaths were not in long term care
all the rest were

What is Dr. Bonnie Henry doing to save patients in long term care?

In this report Dr. Henry notes that of 28 deaths, only 2 were not in long term care facilities. This raises the question of how are people in care being treated when suspected of having covid? Are these people actually dying 'from' covid or are they dying 'with' covid? Are these people already at the end of life and do they have comorbidities? 

When someone in care is suspected of having acquired SARS CoV2 what is the treatment protocol? Dr. Zelensky and others in the USA have published a high success rate by using HCQ with zinc and one other medication, even with aged patients.

Anyone having lost a loved one in care, needs to find out just how that person was treated when covid was suspected? Early treatment is the key to a good outcome, waiting for people to get sick enough and then treating them in hospital borders on medical malfeasance.