Pandemic Is Over Excess Testing Produces "CASEdemic"

Expanded Testing Could Show Your Dog Has Covid

Dr.Richard Urso explains that the pandemic is over and what we are now experiencing is the CASEdemic as a result of excessive testing.

Asymptomatic people do not spread the disease, but they will test positive. It is known that the PCR test is not a reliable test and has a 50% false positive rate.

The scientific data shows that a healthy normal child has a 1/1,000,000 chance of dying from Covid19.

Masks do nothing to stop the spread of this virus as has been proven by over 100 studies done in the past. Nurses have sued their employers so they do not have to wear masks during flu season. It was demonstrated that masking does not stop the flu virus.

Hydroxychloroquine is a perfectly safe drug that, when used properly has good success treating Covid19. It has great benefits treating many other ailments. The doctor describes it as the one medicine he would want on a desert island.

Countries that use HCQ for malaria treatment have had nearly no cases of Covid19. The doctor also states that herd immunity will be achieved with or without a vaccine.

On the subject of a vaccine the doctor says that while it might be of some benefit it is unlikely and that he would not be first in line to take it.