British Columbia Inflating Covid Numbers??

Runny Nose or Sore Throat
Encouraged To Be Covid Tested

Same Test With ONE Change


The answer that makes the difference

Will this overrun the health care system?
If you have any of these symptoms,even mild ones, you are told to seek a covid 19 test and self isolate until the test results are known.

One group of symptoms (even mild ones)
sore throat 
runny nose
loss of appetite
muscle aches
abdominal pain

Another group of symptoms
worsening or chronic cough
shortness of breath
loss of taste or smell
nausea and vomiting
abdominal pain
skin rashes
discoloration of fingers or toes

The instructions on the BC website directs people to seek a covid-19 test for even mild symptoms and to self isolate until results are known.

It would appear that there is a purposeful effort to create as many 'covid' positive results as possible by encouraging even those with the mildest symptoms to be tested.

Only 1.6% Of People Tested Are Positive

According to British Columbia statistics of 404,714 people tested 6591 tested positive. (Bear in mind, that some sources say this test has a 50% false positive rate). 

Why are so many people coming forward thinking they need testing when less than 2% are testing positive? Is it because the government is encouraging those who have a runny nose or sore throat to be tested?

Why would they be doing that? 

In B.C. they report 213 deaths of which the vast majority are people well on in years. Over 50% of the deaths were people living in care facilities with underlying health issues.

The B.C. government Health Ministry is being very secretive about revealing statistics that would make for meaningful analysis of this whole 'pandemic'. 

You might want to write the good Doctor Henry or the Honorable Adrian Dix and ask them why it would appear they want to inflate the daily covid count.