Unprecedented, Unscientific Experiment

Guest Editorial By Kristina Kristen

Government officials’ interventions for COVID-19 have been strategically one-sided and myopic. Many leaders, in response to the perceived virus threat, completely abandoned rational considerations to lower overall suffering and death. In a blind focus intended to “stop the virus,” officials recklessly locked down billions of people globally with little to no debate, while ignoring the cost factor, an indispensable half of a “cost-benefit” analysis in calculating any solution.

An Unprecedented, Unscientific Experiment

Draconian mandates of isolation, social distancing and masks imposed on healthy populations have never been done before. Why? The answer is simple—because an elementary calculation of potential lives saved versus the overall decimation of an entire society was a preposterous “solution” to any microbe. The “medicine” would be far deadlier and damaging than the “disease.”

. . . Global data now illustrate countries with full lock downs not only have massive economic collateral damage, but deaths from COVID in many cases are higher than countries with minimal to no lock downs . . .


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