B.C. Self Assessment Tool

Recommends Testing For 'Even Mild Symptoms'

I recently went to the British Columbia Covid self assessment page and went through all the questions. When I answered no to every question the result was that I did not need to be tested.

The next time I also answered no to every question with the exception of the following page. You will note that Covid-19 type symptoms is included along with all of the following, It would pretty much ensure that coming into a typical fall/winter season nearly everyone could answer yes to one of these symptoms which prompt a 'yes' you need a test result.

At the start of this pandemic Dr. Henry was saying it was not necessary to test for all symptoms. Remember? We also were concerned about overwhelming the health care system.

It would seem that overwhelming the system is no longer a concern, in fact you might conclude that is exactly what they are trying to do.

Does the Nucleic Acid Tests (NATs) positively determine if someone has the covid-19 virus or can a positive result be triggered by some other virus or perhaps a virus that is contained in a vaccination?

A senior health officer in Ontario is on record as saying the tests they use are wrong 50% of the time. Is the test in BC any different? What is the point of subjecting society to the extreme measures if test results are wrong half of the time?

In conclusion it would seem that the BC Health Officer is looking to greatly increase the number of people being tested which could result in what might appear a higher number of positive tests.

However, if the tests are not 100% reliable, there is a whole lot of collateral damage being caused by these draconian measures, that are totally unnecessary.

The actual fatality rate of this virus when true exposure numbers are taken into account is less than one half of one percent. There is also the question of why the great resistance to treating with at least two medications that are showing nearly 100% success when used in the early stages.

If the current protocol of treatment is to simply wait for the symptoms to worsen to the point of hospitalization rather than treating with a harmless, inexpensive drugs at the earliest signs then health authorities need to be held to account.