What is this GOSPEL?

The word Gospel simply means "Good News"

Anyone living in North America surely has heard the term 'Gospel of Jesus Christ'. But what does it actually mean?

The gospel of Jesus Christ could also be said this way: the Good News of Jesus Christ.

What is this good news associated with Jesus Christ? Simply put, it is the best news that any person can ever hear. The good news is the fact that in spite of what we think, God is not the least bit angry with any of us and in fact wants nothing more than for each and every one of us to come into a loving Father-child relationship.

He never made us to go through life by ourselves, we were always intended to have a personal relationship with Him as did the first man, Adam. God and Adam walked together in the cool of the day, every day in the beginning.

Sadly, sin entered the world and because we know we sin, we think we have to hide ourselves from God. That is the last thing we should do and is what leads to all the misery and strife many experience during their lifetime. God never intended for His kids to suffer hunger or sickness or fear or addictions or any of the other maladies that afflict mankind.

The solution to our current condition is to accept the fact that Jesus Christ's death, burial and resurrection has completely forgiven our sin and there is now no reason to hide from God any longer.

If you want to know that this is true and applies to you, all you have to do is call out to God and ask Him to forgive you and take you into His family.

A simple prayer could be like this: Lord Jesus please save me a sinner

If you can earnestly, honestly pray that simple prayer, you will know in a heartbeat that God has heard your call and He will make Himself known to you.

That is the Good News of Jesus Christ ....... you no longer have to hide from GOD, He is waiting with arms wide open to welcome you home.

Today is the perfect day to put this to the test in your own life. Today, is set before you Life and death ............. choose Life.

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