Leslyn Lewis

You’re not imagining it. The stakes for our nation are really high.

What would have sounded like a conspiracy theory even a few weeks ago, is now plainly on display by this Liberal government 

Justin Trudeau is pushing Canada towards a blatant socialist agenda.

He has seized upon a national crisis to push for the destabilization of your social structures.

To indefinitely restrict your freedoms.

To centralize power in not just the government but his own office and inner circle.

To redistribute wealth to businesses, charities and organizations that match his own socialist values.

The mental health of our nation is at an all-time low. Unemployment, depression, stress, are at all time highs. 

And into this scenario Justin Trudeau has chosen to make himself a single benevolent despot.

Every decision has been built around his ability to hand a government cheque to a definable group of voters rather than actually setting the country up for success.

None of his plans for the future have anything to do with rebuilding our economy the way it was originally made strong.

Instead of relying on the work ethic and vision of millions of Canadians small businesses and entrepreneurs he has literally paid businesses to stay shut in order to keep collecting government cheques.

He has made multiple attempts to pass hundreds of millions of your tax dollars to his friends at charities like WE, avoiding even the oversight of the public service. He only backed off when the scandal threatened to turn into an election issue.

He has refused every reasonable proposal to get our country back to any semblance of normal, including getting people back to work and returning to a semblance of agency over their own destiny.

It’s not a conspiracy, and it’s not just cynical pre-election vote buying. Justin Trudeau is seizing the opportunity when the country feels broken to try to remake it into the socialist country he has always sought to build.

One has only to connect the dots that he has laid out in the open.

And we need to fight back. I’m ready to fight alongside you.

Let’s fight for Canada.


  1. If you state you won't mandate crooked toxic vaccines nor make us mask then I know you are not with the deep state. Sloan had already done this. Will you kick the WHO out of what is left of our country? Will you allow the sick and twisted SOGI 123 to continue in our schools? Will you try to join the agenda 21 United Nations? Will you allow 5G and tracking ?


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