Some Covid Perspective Is In Order

British Columbia Births & Deaths 2015
B.C. Births and Deaths 2015

The above chart comes from the British Columbia Government stats for the year 2015. This is the last year for which these stats are currently available on the government website.

It would seem logical to assume that the average number of deaths from year to year would be similar. It would be safe to say that in any given month between 2700 and 3000 people in the province come to the end of their lives.

Other than accident, most people will see some form of sickness or disease bring their lives to an end. The top ten would be cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease,flu and pneumonia, diabetes, suicide, liver disease and alzheimer's.

Some Perspective Could Be Helpful

Daily Covid Body Count
Average deaths per day 1.5
Average non covid deaths per day 96.0

The average daily deaths are arrived at by taking the number of deaths from all causes Mar. - June from the above chart which comes out at 96 deaths per day.

The average deaths per day from covid is the total deaths of 187 to date, March - June which averages at 1.5 per day.