Masks & Vax Not Required For BC Nurses

This CBC article reports on a change for BC nurses who are no longer required to wear a mask or have the flu shot.

I believe that Dr. Bonnie Henry would have had to agree with this change. The same Dr. Henry that has so far not gotten onto the 'wear-a-mask- bandwagon'. Is that because she actually knows they are not the panacea with magical powers some claim they possess?

If everyone is embracing a potentially very dangerous vaccine to save them from the dreaded covid threat, why are they considered optional among health professionals who don't all agree with their effectiveness for the flu?

You might think that your health and that of your children is far too precious to be entrusted to a profession that itself is divided. 

On the matter of vaccines and your children, given a listen to what Robert Kennedy Jr. has to say about vaccines and their safety. You can visit his website CHILDREN'S HEALTH DEFENSE to learn about the dark side of vaccines. Mr. Kennedy is a respected individual who fought for environmental issues for years, who has taken up the cause to present the truth about vaccines after he was challenged by the mother of a child who had won her lawsuit on behalf of her vaccine-injured child. It is a surprise to many, that vaccines are not being 'proven' safe at all.