Liberals Looking At Taxing Principle Residences

Leslyn Lewis

Conservative Leadership Hopeful

warns Liberals looking to tax principle residences

The Liberals never stop looking for new ways to tax Canadians, and now they want to tax your principal residence.

Despite calling us liars in the last election when we tried to warn that the Liberals were going to bring in a home equity tax, it has come to light that CMHC is spending $250,000 researching that very thing.

Yesterday Blacklocks reported that the research is being conducted at the University of British Columbia’s school of population. The same school that produced a report last year calling homeowners “lottery winners” and that their principal residences are “tax shelters.”

Few statements could be more out of touch. Principle residences for most families are an investment in their family's future that are paid for by hard work and sacrifice. 

The policies being suggested would punish families who are forced to sell their homes and move because of the Liberals’ policies that put so many in the oil and gas sector out of work.

It would punish Canadians who just lost their parents and were left behind their family home as their inheritance.

And it will punish seniors who worked their whole life to pay off their home in order to have something to sell and retire on.