Human Trafficking Policies

The majority of trafficking victims and survivors in Canada come from our most vulnerable populations, including underage girls and indigenous women. Vulnerable Canadians should be a priority.

I have a five point action plan that I will push for as soon as I am Leader of our Party, and implement when we work together and form the next Government.

1.   Re-establish the national action plan to combat human trafficking.
2.   Legislative adoption of the most widely accepted international definition of human trafficking known as the Palermo Protocol.
3.   Strengthen criminal penalties against human traffickers to ensure that those who take advantage of the vulnerable in our society are punished for every single life they harm.
4.   Create a public awareness campaign about the reality of human trafficking in our society.
5.  Commit to keeping in place the Nordic Model to combat sex-trafficking in prostitution

To view Leslyn Lewis' policy statement on major issues visit her information website HERE.