Houston Doctor 100% Covid Cure Rate

Treated 350 patients --- all cured!!!

Listen to this doctor from Houston take aim at the fake science, and fake doctors that have been saying that hydroxychloroquine does not work.

She has treated 350 patients (and counting), some as old as 91, some with high blood pressure and other conditions. They have all been cured using hydroxychloroquine and zinc.

She exposes what could be described as criminal action on the part of doctors who are saying this is a dangerous drug and shouldn't be used.

Health authorities everywhere, including our own Dr. Henry and Adrian Dix need to be confronted with this video and asked 'what are you doing?'.

Dr. Zelenko from New York came forward weeks ago with the same testimony about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine treating covid patients.

It seems that the big pharma lobby, which does not stand to profit from this low cost cure have been lobbying overtime to suppress this news.