Since mid-March Canadians have been flattening the curve, and the economy in a collective effort to defeat an unseen enemy in the form of another coronavirus.

In B.C. we are treated daily to another Bonnie and Adrian drama presentation that really has become most tiresome. Especially when you begin to examine the facts with some objectivity.

There is NO WAY we humans are guaranteed a risk-free life, which seems to be the goal of Dr. Bonnie and her sidekick Adrian.  It remains to be seen if this whole crisis is any more lethal than any other bad coronavirus that keeps popping up every few years or so. Remember SARS - MERS - H1N1??  Is the current demon any more deadly than it's predecessors?

The truthful answer to those questions will likely never be known and the above tweet from Toronto Public Health is a good example of why that will be the case.

Here in B.C. of the nearly 190 deaths, what is the average age of those passing away? How many had comorbidity? How many people in the province have been infected with either mild or no symptoms whatsoever??

We can already hear Dr. Bonnie and Minister Adrian making pitches for their sequel this coming fall. For heaven's sake, flu and cold season comes and goes. People live and people die. The average age in B.C. is about 81 years, so it really should be no surprise when people in that age group die WITH Covid and not FROM Covid.