The above stats are from July 6 from COVID 19 Updates Canada and clearly show your chances of survival are nearly twice as good if you are being treated by the US medical system. Of course the counter argument is that in Canada the medical system is 'free' while in the US you have to pay, pay,pay. 

Of course one of the underlying secrets to interpreting these stats is how many people were actually in a pretty precarious condition with or without this virus? Just recently it was announced another 6 deaths in BC, of those deaths 4 were in long term care already. 

What stats from other countries are showing is that people who were in good health were well able to deal with the virus all on their own. Shutting down a whole society instead of stepping up precautions for those already at risk would seem to not have much merit.

The health impacts such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, increased stress, domestic violence, depression and suicide are likely to be far more damaging than the relatively few number of deaths we have experienced in B.C. The statistic needing appraisal is how many 'life years' have been lost. By that is meant if the average life expectancy of a resident of B.C. is 81 years and they are already over 80 with health issues, how much longer would you expect them to live?

Sounds cold, but so does putting the whole economy into a tailspin with no clear plan to ever recover. We could be standing in line for government cheese for a long time to come. 

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