What Health Officials Fear Most These Days

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Do officials fear a massive Covid-19 outbreak or
Do officials fear there won't be a Covid-19 outbreak??

For many months now all government and health officials have been telling Canadians just how deadly this brand of coronavirus is, to the point of shutting down the whole economy and instilling fear at levels never before seen.

In British Columbia the kids are going back to school, albeit with spaced out desks, arrows on the floor and lines at the sinks etc.

At the same time, people wanting to attend an event at a drive-in movie are told they have to limit the number of cars as for some reason being in your car is not considered being distant enough??

We can go to the grocery store and of course the government liquor store and have been able to do that from the get go. However, at the same time we can't get a haircut or go to a public beach or park??

There was also the conflicting message about the value of wearing a mask. Don't wear a mask ........ unless you work in healthcare, in which case it protects YOU, but if you are a regular citizen they won't protect YOU but will protect everyone from YOU ............. then more recently, seems when we go out we are told to wear a mask if we can't keep the obligatory two metres apart.

More and more studies (mostly being done in the USA) would indicate that the covid-19 pandemic has really been no more than a bad flu season. A 'liberal' way of attributing deaths to this coronavirus has most likely inflated the number of deaths attributed to this virus.

In British Columbia for example during a four month period where typically over 11,000 people will have died, less than 170 have died with covid-19. You will note this is 'with' covid-19 and not 'from' covid-19.

Social Distancing Is Absolutely Necessary To Save Us ....

unless of course the above two examples of people practicing anything but social distancing, don't lead to a major outbreak of this dreaded virus. Then what? Will our leaders have to admit they have acted in a state of panic-driven haste that will inflict untold harm in the long haul of much greater magnitude than this virus?

Collateral damage from the panicked response include increased stress related illness, depression, suicide, increase alcohol and drug abuse, increase domestic violence, missed health check ups, postponed surgeries, an economy that may very well be as bad as the great depression..... and on and on the list could go. 

Putting so much power in the hands of a single health professional is completely unfair to that person, and making such major decisions without balanced economic and social consequences has led to what is going to be a very dark time in Canadian history.