Virtue Signaling As A Marketing Ploy?

Lego suspends 'promotion' of Police sets

Lego's affiliate marketing company indicated that over 30 toys representing police officers, firefigthers, criminals, emergency vehicles and buildings were to be removed from "sites and any marketing ASAP".

Lego moves to correct incorrect reports

Bike Co. stops sale of police bikes

Fuji Bikes which is one manufacturer that supplies police forces are claiming to refuse to sell their bikes to police forces any longer in support of social injustice. While they are a popular brand with police forces they are by no means the sole supplier as several other companies also supply this market.
Once the rioting settles down it will be interesting to see if this company is acting on deeply held social beliefs or if this was just marketing using a bit of virtue signaling.

Beam us up Scotty ... the place has gone mad!

Perhaps a Police Hiatus is in order??

If all these calls to unfund police, stop selling them bikes, quit stopping riots and looting etc. are widely held by the general public who rely on the mainstream media as a basis to form opinion; then perhaps all police forces should take a week long hiatus to see if that improves matters!

Of course that is a tongue in cheek statement dripping with sarcasm as the law abiding general public is begging for the police to restore order so once again the streets would be safe. Safe from who? Safe from all the anarchists and layabouts who have contributed nothing to this country and are doing their level best to tear it down.

Even handed policing only works when you are dealing with logical, level headed people which is not applicable with the current mob that is trying to seize control of the country.

Shame on our leaders who are doing their best to foment division and civic unrest with their subtle and not so subtle efforts to stir up racial animosity in our country. Perhaps on their part it is a form of diversion so no one notices how poorly they are running our once fine country.