Systemic Failure Of Health & Justice System

RCMP Make Arrest

Local RCMP released a story of an arrest made on Monday which involved the assist of citizens using boat hooks to corner the fellow.

The story is a good news sort of piece but shows what is systemically wrong with the justice system, not systemically wrong with the RCMP.

The local officers get a call of a chap sleeping on a bench. He proceeds to light a pipe in front of them. He makes a break for it, runs across a street and jumps into the water. After a chase and arrest the fellow is taken into custody.

He is charged with obstruction and possession of a controlled substance. It turns out he has two outstanding warrants from Nanaimo for theft and possession of stolen property.

So, after the police do their job what happened in the 'system'? He was released the same day with a promise to appear in court in September.

This is a glaring example of the systemic problems not only with the court system but also our local and provincial health authorities.

The police do their part and arrest the 'bad guy' who has a history of theft and clearly has a drug issue. 

So, what does the justice system or the health system do to address a person who obviously will be back on the street doing whatever he has to do to buy his next hit?

There is a lot of accusation of systemic racism within the RCMP, which can't be defined by anyone in a manner that is convincing. It does seem a good talking point to score political points but other than that seems a baseless claim.

The local health authority is systemically flawed at the core demonstrated by their inability to provide proper care for people with mental health and drug issues.

The justice system is systemically flawed at the core as demonstrated by it's inability to remove an obvious repeat offender from society.