RCMP Racism - Fact or Political Gamesmanship?

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki

Says RCMP Racist
can't give an example ...

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki in a CTV story on the subject of systemic racism in the RCMP gave the following example:

Liberal MP Greg Fergus asked Lucki to clarify whether there was systemic racism in the RCMP.

"Yes, there's absolutely systemic racism," Lucki said. "I can give you a couple of examples that we've found over the years."

She went on to give an example involving the RCMP's physical abilities requirement evaluation.

"It's an obstacle course, in there there's a six foot mat that you have to do a broad jump, and when we put the lens on it and reviewed that physical requirements test, evidence told us that the average person can broad jump their height," Lucki explained.

"So, of course, how many six foot people do we hire? And there are people in all different cultures that may not be six feet, including, there's not a lot of women that are six feet tall, that would not be able to get through that exam, that type of test."

Not satisfied with the answer, Fergus pressed Lucki further. Unable to provide clear examples of systemic racism in the force, Lucki called on the force’s chief human resources officer Gail Johnson.

What does "RCMP is systemically racist" mean??

Is this really the best the Commissioner can come up with to support a statement that casts a shadow over the very institution of which she is in charge?

Suggesting that broad jumping a six foot long mat isn't fair to those who might be vertically challenged hardly supports such a inflammatory claim as she and the PM have made about the RCMP.

Does anyone actually know what they are saying when they claim the RCMP is systemically racist? 

Arresting first nations and people of colour who are behaving outside the law doesn't support the claim either. Saying there are a disproportionate number of first nations or people of colour having police encounters, doesn't prove anything either.

Tarnishes & slanders the entire force

Such volatile statements paints the entire force as a group that delights in targeting people of colour and first nations and takes particular pleasure in beating and abusing them, and in some cases killing them.

While some prejudice may exist with some members that hardly rises to the level of systemic racism within the RCMP. 

This same force claimed to be systemically racist provides policing on reserves where they are indeed risking their own lives to serve and  protect the very people they are being accused of being against?

Fact or political gamesmanship?

A common tactic for those in leadership is to keep a population divided and fighting among themselves in an effort to divert attention from themselves.

The number of flip flops on the subject of systemic racism in the RCMP would suggest there is a political will and pressure being applied to senior members of the force to read from the official song sheet.

Perhaps the PM has far too much influence in this matter, which could also explain the apparent pass he got with regards SNC.