Prime Minister 'Takes A Knee'

Justin Trudeau Takes A Knee
(Click to view NYT clip)

Carefully staged photo op

Canada's Prime Minister is never one to miss a photo op and taking a knee as part of the Floyd protest is pretty much tailor made for him.

If you click the link at the top of this post you can view the entire 20 second NYT video clip and if you pay attention you will notice:

1. PM checks to make sure cameraman get's his good side
2.Takes a knee
3. His security carefully moves people out of the way as they are blocking the angle.
4. With everyone out of the way, the camera catches the perfectly framed shot to make the evening news.

This is the same person who can't recall Parliament because of social distancing issues and such, yet can plunk himself down in the middle of a crowd in an act of shameless pandering for votes.