Norman Traversy V Justin Trudeau

Private Citizen Brings Action
Against Prime Minister

Retired firefighter Norman Traversy has been seeking a day in court with his charge against Justin Trudeau since before the last election.

He is of the opinion, that had the courts allowed his case to proceed the last election results would have been different.

After failing to get his case heard he will be presenting his evidence of corruption to the US Embassy on July 1. This is the date the new trade agreement takes effect and an article in that agreement could compel the US to investigate the corruption Traversy is charging.

This is not likely one of those stories the mainstream media will give any oxygen to, as clearly the Prime Minister is off limits.


  1. Hi Norman, I'm retired military and I'm very proud of your stand against this tirent!!! God Bless and hope to see you on the hill July 1st 😊👍


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