Man With Machete Tazed In Toronto

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This is an example of what cops have to deal with on a regular basis. Joe civilian will look at the video and cry 'police brutality' and have no idea what they are talking about.

The guy is on the street carrying a machete, he refuses officers commands to get on the ground and when he refuses he is finally tazed. Even then he is resisting and it took many officers to control him.

Just before the tazer was deployed, the man appeared to be reaching either behind his back or into his shirt. That is where bad guys sometimes keep their pistol and the officer isn't going to wait to see what he is up to.

While this may look like excessive force, the fact is the more bodies you have trying to control someone who is resisting the chances of the person not being seriously hurt greatly improves.

The solution? Don't be walking around in public with a machete, and when an officer with a gun drawn tells you to get on the ground ............. DO IT!

Of course on the other hand the police could avoid charges of brutality and just let this guy wander around until he finally kills someone. That would not please the MOB either.