These images are taken from an online site that tracks covid stats daily. There are countries between the USA at #1 and Canada at #19 which are sorted in order of total cases reported.

While the accuracy of many of the stats being put out regards this outbreak is near impossible to determine, the above figures are what they are.

It would appear that the Canadian health care system does not perform nearly as well as the US when it comes to successfully treating people infected with this virus.

In Canada 8.3% of those infected died, while in the US 5.1% of those infected died.

Stories emerging today about people being counted as dying 'from' covid when in fact they died 'with' covid make the case count somewhat suspect. There are cases of people with underlying health issues who were already suffering a terminal ailment as being counted as a covid death.

Logically, there is political capital to be lost if the numbers are not as high as possible to warrant the unprecedented steps of shutting down entire economies with no consideration given the long term consequences of those actions.