Justin Trudeau Accuses Lawful Canadian Citizens Of Being Murderers

"Only reason to own these guns
is to kill as many people as possible
in the shortest amount of time"

Target Shooting & Hunting Is Healthy Recreation to many

The statement by our Prime Minister that the only reason to own an AR style rifle is to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time is very revealing. That statement is not only deeply offensive to law abiding hunters and recreational target shooters alike, it also shows the Prime Minister's complete lack of understanding of the enjoyment of simply being able to shoot well. 

It is one of those sports where the only person you are really competing with is yourself, much like golf or bowling for that matter. To suggest that everyone who enjoys this sport is some blood crazed mass killer highlights his total lack of understanding of the matter.

Statistics simply do not support the idea that law abiding, licensed gun owners are the source of the criminal acts which make the headlines. The most recent horror in Nova Scotia was used as justification for the recently imposed, ill conceived gun ban. The fact of the matter is simply that this madman was not licensed to own a gun and in fact the guns he had were all illegally obtained. In other words Trudeau's gun ban would not have kept this maniac from acquiring the weapons he used to take so many lives.

The fact that the Prime Minister is claiming these bans somehow will make people safer is at the very best naive and the very worst intentionally deceptive. More people are killed by knifes, beating and strangulation than are killed by guns by a factor of nearly two to one. The vast percentage of gun deaths were associated with gang violence. Anyone thinking this ban is going to stem gang shootings is also living in a fantasy land. Gang members are not law abiding citizens obtaining guns by legal means.

Where do these illegal guns some from?? Our neighbours to the south have more guns per capita than any other nation on earth. Obtaining semi automatic firearms in many states is not a difficult process and it is an easy matter to smuggle these illegal guns back across the border and into the illegal gun trade in Canada. After all, illegal drugs have poured into our country through our borders for decades and we have not been able to stop them, guns are no different.

If the Prime Minister wanted to do something to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and madmen, increasing steps at the border to stop their smuggling would actually be doing something concrete about the issue.

Making criminals out of law abiding citizens will do nothing to make Canada safer and does nothing to instill confidence in this Prime Minister.