Are We Really All In This Together?

Dr. Henry, Premier Horgan, Minister Dix

"We have to be all-in 100%"
Say British Columbia Leaders

Questions for Dr. Henry, Premier Horgan and Minister Dix

  • Do you have to count on $500/wk from Ottawa to replace your lost paycheque?
  • Are you worried your job won't be there when the quarantines are lifted?
  • Are you worried about not paying your rent or mortgage?
  • Are you worried that the business you have built with blood, sweat and tears will have been destroyed in a moment?
  • Are you worried about putting food on your family's table?
  • Have you had to plow your crops under, kill your livestock or throw out your milk?
  • Are you worried your business won't be able to re-open or survive when you have to implement the new health measures?