Covid-19 Natural or Manmade?

The Pandemic Panic That Closed The World

What 'appeared' to be an accident of nature in a wet market in Wuhan China has traveled the globe and brought many nations to their knees.

The Canadian response has been sputtering, halting and confusing from the beginning. Our Prime Minister was travelling the globe as this disaster was emerging in a effort to get a seat on the UN Security Council.

Our National Health Officer Dr. T.Tam told Canadians there really was nothing to worry about and the threat was very low in Canada.

What is now coming into the light is the very real possibility that this virus was actually created in a laboratory in Wuhan China. The chaos it has caused globally may have been intentional or accidental.

If accidental then China and the WHO have a great deal of explaining to do. Their actions in the very best light would point to gross incompetence on the part of a multi-billion dollar organization, whose purpose seems to be more about elaborate living than actual avoiding pandemics.

In the absolute worst light it points to an organization that is complicit in a deliberate, diabolical act of war on the part of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

What would lend any support to the later? The effect of this pandemic has been absolutely crippling to most nations with the USA seeing a record-breaking economy grind to a halt in a matter of weeks.

One can argue that the CCP has no love for the current President of the USA with his application of trade restrictions designed to stop the massive trade deficit between those nations. Previous administrations in the USA were either totally incompetent or were deliberately trying to injure the US economy. Nothing else explains some of the ways in which US-generated wealth was moved to other countries through highly suspect trade and other deals.

The Democrats would not be opposed to bringing the economy to a halt if they feel it would improve their chances at the polls next election day. The way they have been dragging their feet with the stimulus packages points to a party that would sacrifice the country if they might seize power as a result.

What has all this to do with Canada one might ask. It shows a sharp contrast between the way the leadership in the US responded to this health crisis and the way Canadian leadership has responded.

It is at a time like this, that the quality of our leadership is coming into sharp focus and how sadly it has been lacking. Putting people into leadership positions based on gender and ethnicity rather than competence is no way to run a country. Unless the goal is to run the country into the ground.